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Metamorphoses of Welfare States in Central and Eastern Eur.

capacities cover

Welfare State Transformations. Comparative Perspectives.

Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (ed.). Houndmills and New York, Palgrave Macmillan 2008.

„Metamorphoses of Welfare States in Central and Eastern Europe“, pp. 79-95

The chapter deals with the protracted processes of social policy transformations in Central and East European post-communist countries. Parallel processes of political democratization, institutionalization of the market economy, globalization and Europeanization form the relevant context of genuine domestic decision making and implementation. From a scholarly point of view, the processes of their societal transformations have been – and still are – a series of exciting natural experiments.

download here : Metamorphoses of Welfare States in Central and Eastern Europe (str. 79-95)



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