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Strategic Choices for the Czech Society – Theoretical Points

Strategické volbyPotůček, M. – Musil, J. – Mašková, M.(eds):
Strategické volby pro českou společnost – teoretická východiska. (Strategic Choices for the Czech Society – Theoretical Points of Departure. In Czech with the English summary.)
Praha, Sociologické nakladatelství 2008, 375 p.

The ambition of this book is to bring a sum of basic theoretical concepts offered by the contemporary social sciences and humanities in articulating the conditional futures of the Czech society amidst the processes of globalization and European integration. It reflects the country’s social, economic, political and institutional changes on its way of seeking a dynamic equilibrium between the market, state, and civic sector. Various levels of governance (mainly the nation state and the European Union) and subjective characteristics of actors (elites and the public) are taken into consideration as well.



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