Martin Potůček

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Strategic governance and the Czech Republic

Strategic governance
Potůček, M. et al.
Strategic governance and the Czech Republic. Prague, Karolinum 2009.196 pages. ISBN 978-80-246-1681-0.

This book discusses the conceptual foundations of strategic governance and the possibilities of analysing it through the use of indicators. The book summarises the history of attempts to apply strategic governance within the contexts of globalisation and European integration in the Czech Republic after 1989. Furthermore, the roles of elites, the general public, political parties, the media, and public budgets in strategic governance are examined. The final chapter contains brief exhibits of selected strategic documents that were realised at the national, regional, and local levels. Avenues of initiating and/or improving the processes of strategic governance have been identified, in particular, for the central level of public administration.



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