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Public Policy has been released

paperback, 308 pages, 1. edition — published: December 2017
ISBN 9788024635569 — price: 450 CZK / 30 USD
e-book ISBN 978-80-246-3570-5 — price: 320 CZK / 16 USD
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The publication is primarily intended for international students of public policy. It represents an original contribution to the existing body of English textbooks of public policy – a young but dynamically developing discipline. Providing several case studies, it illuminates how theories are used in research practice. It builds on the author’s many years of experience researching and teaching the discipline in Europe.
“I think Martin Potůček’s Public Policy will prove to be of very great importance to the teaching of public policy and to the practice of policy analysis and policy making.
As Professor Potůček describes, the tools of public policy help explain (and shape) government and broader social policies around the world. Within that framework, ‘policy analysis’ is increasingly the coin of the realm, and this volume is an informed and informative tour of its spreading domain.
As a textbook, it brings together a broad, multi-disciplinary literature with succinct clarity, wisdom, and trenchant examples. And, in doing so, it objectively presents key material that, in other hands, might be used to advance one or another political or ideological position.”
(Douglas J. Besharov, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland)



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