Martin Potůček

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Theory of Public Policy

Terms of Exam

JSM518 Public Policy course

JSD009 Public Policy course

JSM 699 Theory of Public Policy course

Academic year 2017/2018

Announcement for students

Three terms for the written examination have been fixed:







Start of the examination

End of the examination



January 19th







Friday February 2nd







Friday February 16th






Students have to register for the term chosen via SIS.

Students of JSM518 Public Policy course have to submit an electronic version of their written assignments via the course’s Moodle application to their mentors at latest 3 days before examination. Papers´ mentors will confirm the sufficient quality of papers to students (via email or hand written). Students will show this printed or written confirmation to be allowed to enter the examination.

Students may choose to use the Czech, Slovak or English language.

Examination results will be made public on the course webpage seven calendar days after the examination at latest. Students will have the opportunity to try again if they are not happy with the written examination’s score obtained in the preceding term. Only the better score will be counted.

Prof. Dr. Martin Potůček


Course Leader


Syllabus of the Course


Course number: JSM699, Fall Semester 2017/18

Course leader: Prof. Martin Potůček, PhD.

Consultations to be booked electronically at

Course website: (slot Courses/Theory of Public Policy)

Volume of instruction: 2/0

Number of credits: 4

Time and place: Mondays, 2-4:50 pm, room 2080

Goals of instruction:

The course aims to introduce students to the study of public policy as a discipline, within a broader context of the development of contemporary societies; to exemplify public policy’s practical application and the ways public policy as a scientific discipline attempts to apprehend social problems and devise solutions thereof (with special attention paid to pension reforms); to do so by defining the key terms, theories and approaches of public policy; and to engage students in critical thinking and studying, systematic work with scholarly literature.

Registration prerequisites:

Enrolment in any Masters or doctoral study programme at Charles University, apart from students of the Masters programmes of Veřejná a sociální politika (full-time students only), Public and Social Policy, and International Economic and Political Studies.

International visiting students studying Masters and doctoral programmes at their home universities are welcome as well.

Conditions for passing:

Students will have to pass the written examination (in English, Czech or Slovak).

Final grading:

Evaluation points



30 or more


Excellent (výtečně)



Very Good (velmi dobře)



Good (dobře)



Satisfactorily (uspokojivě)



Sufficiently (dostatečně)

17 or less


Fail (nedostatečně)

Course schedule:




Beginning of October

Virtual lecture #1:

Students will be able to follow the course instruction concerning selected case studies by studying the following chapters in textbooks in advance:

B5 (English textbook)/B6 (česká učebnice) Pensions Basics

B1 (English textbook)/B1+B2 (česká učebnice) Historical Overview of Pension Systems in the World and in the Czech Republic

16 Oct


Lecture #2

Case study A: The Role of Politicians and Experts in the Preparation of the Czech Pension Reform B2 (English textbook)/B3 (česká učebnice)

A1 Public interests and public policy.

A2 Values in Public Policy. Historical Institutionalism.

A3 Governance. Corporatist Intermediation. Policy Networks.

23 Oct


Lecture #3

Case study B: Czech Pension Reform: How to Reconcile Equivalence with Fiscal Discipline Chapter B3 (English textbook)/ Chapter B4 (česká učebnice)

A4 Actors and Institutions. Actor-Centred Institutionalism.

A5 Public policy instruments. Discursive institutionalism. Advocacy Coalition Framework.

13 Nov


Lecture #4

Case study C: Rivalry of Advocacy Coalitions in the Czech Pension Reform Chapter B4 (English textbook)/ Chapter B5 (česká učebnice)

A6 Public Policy Process. The Stage of Problem Delimitation and Problem Recognition. Agenda Setting.

A7 Policy Formulation and Decisionmaking. Veto Players. Multiple Streams Framework.

27 Nov


Lecture #5

Students’ presentation: open space

A8 Policy Implementation. Theories of Bureaucracy. Principal-Agent Model.

A9 Policy Evaluation. Rational (Public) Choice Theory.

11 Dec


Lecture #6

Students’ presentation: open space

A10 How to Understand Public Policy

Final recapitulation, getting ready for the examination.

Basic sources in English

Potůček, M. et al. 2017. Public Policy. Prague, Karolinum Press. (In print. Available at Jinonice Library for in-house study.)

Howlett, M., Ramesh, M.: 2009. Studying Public Policy. Policy Cycles and Policy Subsystems. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Potůček, M., LeLoup, L., Jenei, G. and Váradi, L. 2003. Public Policy in Central and Eastern Europe: Theories, Methods, Practices. Bratislava: NISPAcee.

Routledge Handbook of Public Policy. 2013. London and New York: Routledge

Základní literatura v češtině

Potůček, M. a kol. 2016. Veřejná politika. Praha: C. H. BECK.

Potůček, M. a kol. 2005 (2. vyd. 2010). Veřejná politika. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství.

Veselý, A., Nekola. M. (eds.) 2008. Analýza a tvorba veřejných politik: Přístupy, metody a praxe. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství.

Notes on reading

· Further reading will be submitted during individual lecture presentations.

· Students are expected to follow the media covering policy problems (e.g., pension reform) on an ongoing basis.


Public Policy

Central European Journal of Public Policy (CEJPP):

Journal of European Public Policy:

Journal of European Social Policy:

Journal of Public Policy:

Policy and Society:

Public Policy and Administration:

Policy Analysis

European Policy Analysis:


Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice:
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management:

Review of Policy Research:

Governance, Public Administration

Gouvernement et action publique:

International Review of Administrative Sciences:

Lex localis - Journal of local self-government:

NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy:

Public Administration:

Public Management Review:

Political Science

Critical Policy Studies:

Policy and Politics:;jsessionid=68u3luqoo56n6.victoria

Policy Sciences:

Policy Studies Journal:

Politiques et Management Public:

Internet sources

Almanac of Policy Issues:

European Union:

European Union Policy Agendas Project:

International Conference on Public Policy:

Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee):

Organization for Economic Collaboration and Development:

Policy Design Lab:

Public Policy Exchange, UK:

The Comparative Agendas Project:

The Institute for Public Policy Research, UK:

The World Bank:

Sylabus theory of public policy to download HERE(.pdf)


Preparation to exam

Guide to prepare and be fit for the Public Policy/Theory of Public Policy

1. To learn more about at least three public policy theories (refer to Overview

of public policy theories and textbooks document) and be able to apply them
to solve a specific public policy problems.
2. To be familiar with the work of at least three authors who made a major
contribution to Public Policy as a discipline. (Refer to Overview of Public

Policy authors document.)
3. To learn more about at least three public policies (refer to Overview of

Public Policies document) and be able to design them in terms of their
relevant actors, institutions, instruments, and potential outcomes).
4. To be able to answer all thirty critical thinking questions. (Refer to Public

Policy: Critical Thinking Questions powerpoint presentation.)
1. Refer to The example of an exam protocol to learn more about the
requirements and structure of the final written examination.
2. Check and answer questions at the end of chapters A1 to A10 of the
textbook Potůček, M. et al. 2017. Public Policy. Prague, Karolinum Press.
/ učebnice Potůček, M. a kol. 2016. Veřejná politika. Praha, C.H.Beck.

Lectures - Presentations

Lectures´ presentations are available at the Public Policy Course website.